All Material Fluxes in River Eco-Systems


October 11 - 13, 2019

Peking University, Beijing, China


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Peking University

State Key Laboratory of Hydroscience and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Southern University of Science and Technology

Qinghai University

National Natural Science Foundation of China


Deadline of Abstract Submission

August 15, 2019


Scope of Conference

Healthy river eco-systems are essential for sustaining the natural environment and human society.  Understanding of the material fluxes in river basins, including those fluxes that are related to water, sediment, nutrients, trace materials, living organisms, and greenhouse gases, could enable improved monitoring and restoration of river eco-systems. An overview of the current status of approaches and results necessary for accounting for all material fluxes in large rivers is thus of the utmost importance. The 2nd international conference on All Material Fluxes in River Eco-systems (AMFR 2019) will provide a global forum for a wide-ranging discussion of key issues related to research on all material fluxes in river eco-systems, and to their effective and sustainable management. A primary aim of this conference is to promote future collaboration between the participants on research into combined fluxes in large river systems.

Format of Conference

The conference program will comprise invited and contributed oral presentations. Potential presenters and attendees are encouraged to contact the organizing committee via


Conference Language

All presentations will be given in English.


AMFR 2019 will focus on the development of a detailed understanding of all material fluxes in large river systems, including fluxes of water, sediment, nutrients, trace materials (such as nanomaterials, natural organic matter, organic pollutants, and heavy metals) and living organisms (including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, algae, benthos, and fish). The conference will also consider river health assessment, hazards and risks, and restoration of damaged river eco-systems. Particular attention will be paid to the interactions of materials in rivers; this will include data acquisition, monitoring, analysis, and management.  

The topics of AMFR 2019 include:

             Water-sediment fluxes and river morphology;  

             Water quality, nutrient fluxes and cycles, energy;

             Trace materials and living organisms in rivers;

             Greenhouse gases and global climate change;

             Interactions among materials in aquatic systems;

             River heath, risk assessment, and restoration;

             Natural/anthropogenic impacts on material fluxes;

             Data capture, monitoring, and management.

Conference Site

Peking University (PKU) is one of the top universities in China. Its campus is located in the western suburb of Beijing and connected to Beijing’s extensive subway system, which allows a convenient access to the Capital airport, primary rail stations, and many cultural and historic sites.

PKU embraces many diverse branches of learning such as basic and applied sciences, social sciences, the humanities, medicine, management, and education. PKU encourages multidisciplinary research on grand challenge scientific subjects encountered in environmental science and engineering, and takes pride in the training of personnel with a high level of specialized knowledge and professional skill relevant to the modernization of China.

Conference Organizations

            Peking University, China

    Key Laboratory of Water and Sediment Sciences

             Tsinghua University, China

    State Key Laboratory of Hydroscience and Engineering

             Southern University of Science and Technology

             Qinghai University

             State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of All Materials Flux in Rivers

             International Joint Laboratory for Region Pollution Control

             Research Institute of Worlds Large Rivers

             Beijing Engineering Research Center of Advanced Wastewater Treatment

General chairs

Jinren Ni (Peking University, China)

Guangqian Wang (Qinghai University, China)


Alistair Borthwick (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Gregory Korshin (University of Washington, USA)

Marc Benedetti (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France)

Meiping Tong (Peking University, China)

Executive chairs

Juan Liu (Peking University, China)

Xudong Fu (Tsinghua University, China)

 International Scientific Committee

Marc Benedetti (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France)

Alistair Borthwick (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Qing He (East China Normal University, China)

Chunhong Hu (China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China)

Ching-Hua Huang (Georgia Tech, USA)

Gordon Huang (University of Regina, Canada)

Enhui Jiang (Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research, China)

William P. Johnson (University of Utah, USA)

Gregory Korshin (University of Washington, USA)

Qingbin Li (Tsinghua University, China)

Cheng Liu (International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation, UNESCO)

Chongxuan Liu (Southern University of Science and Technology, China)

Jinyou Lu (Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute of Changjiang Water Resources Commission)

Guangming Zeng (Hunan University, China)

Chunmiao Zheng (Southern University of Science and Technology, China)

Guoyu Qiu (Peking University, China)

Sokratov Sergey (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)

Kazama So (Tohoku University, Japan)

Fengchang Wu (Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China)

Silke Wieprecht (Universität Stuttgart, Germany)


Yandi Hu (University of Houston, USA)

Xiaoxu Li (Peking University, China)

Sitong Liu (Peking University, China)

Weiling Sun (Peking University., China)

Zimeng Wang (Fudan University, China)

Minquan Yan (Peking University, China)

Feifei Zhang (Peking University, China)

 Important Dates

Abstracts Submission

 August 15, 2019    Deadline for abstract submission 

August  30, 2019    Notification of abstract acceptance


October 11,  2019   On-site Registration


Zhongguan Global Village PKU, Beijing, China

Contact Information

Dr. Juan Liu and Ms. Feifei Zhang


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