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Prevention of Mosquito Bites

With warm weather comes insects abound and one insect in particular is more of a nuisance than many others – mosquitos. Mosquitos are located just about everywhere and many people are wary of them due to their ability to transmit diseases they are carrying. While not every mosquito species carries disease, you should still try to avoid mosquito bites.

mosquito control in Spotsylvania

Wherever you are located, you are likely to run into mosquitos and will need to figure out effective methods of mosquito control in Spotsylvania. Let’s look at simple ways you can prevent mosquito bites for your household members.

Dump Standing Water

One of the first methods you should use to reduce mosquito bites on your property is to get rid of containers and materials that hold standing water. Mosquitos breed in water, so removing standing water sources will reduce their population significantly.

Keep them Outside

To prevent mosquitos from becoming a nuisance indoors, take measures to keep them outside by using screens on doors and windows. If you’re set on opening your windows to let fresh air in, make sure that there are no holes in the screen. You may also use mosquito netting to keep them at bay as well as insecticides and products designed to deter mosquitos.

Use Repellent

One of the more popular ways to prevent mosquito bites is to use a repellent. There are numerous types of repellents that you can choose from, including sprays or lotions containing DEET. If you’d like to avoid chemicals, there are natural sprays that contain only natural ingredients.

You can reduce the number of bites your household members get throughout the warm months by taking some of these steps to reduce mosquito populations and protect them from the insects by keeping them out of the house and deterring them from biting.