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The Types of X-Rays Taken By the Dentist

Has your dentist said that they plan to give you x-rays on your next visit? You likely know the point of x-rays is to help medical professionals see a better view of a certain part of your body so they can accurately visualize what a problem could be. In the world of dentistry, x-rays are used to show your dentist the insides of your mouth, where he or she can see problems with your teeth with much greater accuracy.

Did you know there are more than one type of dental x-rays out there? They are useful in different cases, and the type that will be used at your next appointment depends on what your dentist would like to accomplish when they take a look at your mouth.

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The Different Dental X-Ray Types

Here are the two main types of dental x-rays that are typically used on patients depending on what is going on in their mouth.

Intraoral x-rays are, no question, the most common x-ray used by dentists. It shows a good deal of detail surrounding the bones in your mouth, can easily help dentists identify cavities, and even see how healthy the root of a tooth is.

Extraoral x-rays, on the other hand, focus on the patient’s jaw and skull. These types of x-rays are used to keep a lookout for tooth impact, identify problems with the jaw, or focus in on a certain bone in the face.

Hopefully this information has helped you a little bit when it comes to learning about some of the most common types of dental x-rays used. X-rays are simple and are nothing to worry about, so you can go into your next appointment with no worries and let your dental x ray in Lakeland professional do their job and ensure your mouth is as healthy as it can be.