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Is Blockchain Credentialing Safe?

Blockchain is a word that people in certain industries have known about for a long time. If you were to talk to someone who works in finance or banking, they would be all over you for not knowing more about blockchain. But if you are in the healthcare sector, it makes sense that you are only starting to hear about this word.

Blockchain is a list of records that is linked in a special way using cryptography. It is a protection for the information so that only those who are meant to access the information can obtain it. Others are not able to access that data as it is encrypted using codes.

When you are in the medical profession, you may be thinking about using a blockchain credentialing system to handle your own credentials. It makes a lot of sense to go in this direction, as most medical establishments are using it for their information as well.

The reason why you are going to want to go with blockchain is because it is very easy to give the information to those who need it. You have the key and you can control who accesses that key. It is so simple for you to be able to provide your credentials to a hospital or a doctor’s office.

There are some mixed opinions on whether blockchain is even necessary. Some people who are in the healthcare profession believe it is solving problems that may not even exist. But there are others who believe it makes the communication of healthcare credentials a lot easier and more secure.

blockchain credentialing system

If you are concerned about the safety of blockchain credentialing, you need not worry. It is a very safe process, and you have no fear that your data is compromised. So long as you are not sharing the key with people who need not know the information, you are safe.